Pawning (Short Term Loans)

The Pawnbroker's Symbol

The symbol of the pawnbroker is three balls all held together and suspended by a bar. This symbol has been attributed by the House of the Medici family. The symbol is known as a Lombard which refers to Lombardy, Italy where modern day pawn shop banking was said to have originated and was called Lombard Banking. The three ball symbol became the family crest after a Medici member, employed by Charles the Great, killed a giant with a 3 bags of rocks.

The patron saint of pawnbrokers is Saint Nicholas, better known today as Santa Claus. The symbol has also been attributed to him in the story of Saint Nicholas. He gave a pauper's three daughters each a bag of gold to help them find husbands to marry.

Pawning with Decker's Jewelry and Pawn

Our pawn shop is one of the most famous and oldest pawn shops in South Carolina. With top-notch, regionally recognized customer service we promise to make any transaction with our shop the best experience you will ever have dealing with a cash loan business. Stop in to our comfortable store, get a loan, and walk out feeling fresh and orderly unlike most pawn shops. We will change your mind about pawn shops, guaranteed!

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8:30 am to 6:30 pm
Open everyday. That includes Saturdays and Sundays. We are the only pawn shop in South Carolina that is open seven days a week.

Decker's Jewelry and Pawn
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with Decker's Jewelry and Pawn


What We Take

While we consider everything from token-slot machines to autographed guitars we will nearly always give you a loan on your:

Game Systems
Gold (including broken and mismatched)

However, we will still consider everything that comes in through the door for a short term loan.

What is a Pawn?

A pawn is just a short-term loan using a piece of merchandise, such as gold or jewelry, as collateral. You cannot go to a bank and get a loan on the spot using your television as collateral! But at Decker's Jewelry and Pawn you can! No credit checks and immediate short-term loans are what makes pawnshops popular among everyone who needs just a little extra cash, for an emergency or to help secure money for starting a business.

Come in today and let us evaluate your merchandise and give you a short-term loan. These loans are to be paid back in the first 30 days plus interest. However, we will hold your item(s) for 90 days with extra interest each month.

History of Pawnshops

Pawnbroking has been giving secured loans using personal property as collateral. It has been used throughout the Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations in the West and also in China for over 3000 years. The practice arrived in England with William I. In the 1300's Edward III pawned jewels to fight a war with France, followed by many other kings and queens such as King Henry V.

Myth Busters:

Famously, Queen Isabella pawned her jewelry to finance Columbus' journey to the Americas and the rest of the New World. This, however, has been disputed by the Jewelry Industry Council according to the Daytona Beach Morning Journal. According to the Council, with the help of the Hispanic Society of America and books such as "The Jewels of Spain" by Pricilla Miller, the jewelry was already on pawn to fund a war against the Moors. It is more likely that Spain put up very little, if any, money. Spain called in on debt payments, such as the city of Palos paying back Spain with 2 ships. Mainly it was her support and confidence backing Columbus to getting investors to pay for the adventure. In fact, Columbus, himself, paid for nearly 1/8th of the total expenses which was about $680,000 when adjusted to today's USD currency.

Aiding the Poor

Pawnbroking has also been used to aid the poor. In 1450, Barnaba Manassei, a Franciscan monk, began the Monte di Pietà movement in Italy. This started a movement of no-interest loans on collateral but the people who took out loans were encouraged to donate to the church. The Nacional Monte de Piedad is a charitable institution and pawn shop whose main office is located just off the main plaza of Mexico City. It is now considered a national charity in Mexico.

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