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Bring in your old, broken or mismatched jewelry and get a loan!

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ApparaisalsWe consider everything!

We can assess the merchandise that you bring into the store for a loan. What other place can you do that? You can't go to a bank and pawn a television. Decker's Jewelry and Pawn will loan on nearly everything!In the same location for over 25 years, because everyone trusts our prices and loans.

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Bring in Your Merchandise

Bring in any piece of merchandise and allow our experts to give you a loan-appraisal. All appraisals are free! We take tablet, game systems, televisions, gold (broken or mismatched), other precious metals and jewelry.

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With decades of experience in nearly every field, we will be able to give you a loan on nearly everything that you bring in. If we can't give you the loan right away, allow us to bring our experts in to found out the full value.

We'll Give you Cash on Nearly Anything

Decker's Jewelry and Pawn has been in the pawning business for over 25 years and is the ONLY pawn shop in Columbia, SC that is open all seven days a week. Give us a call or stop in! (803)790-4118 | 1735 Decker Blvd Columbia SC 29206

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What is a pawn?

A pawn is just a short term loan. A pawn is a way for an individual to use their personal possessions as collateral to borrow money. The pawn broker will assign a value to your personal possessions and loan you up to that amount of money. If you accept, you will leave your collateral with the pawn shop until you repay your loan. When you repay your loan plus interest, your personal possessions will be returned to you.

What Can I Pawn / Get Appraised?

You can pawn / loan all personal possessions. Examples of some personal possessions are gold, jewelry (which can be tangled, broken, or mismatched), flat screen TVs, computers, game systems, electronics, and more!!! We give free appraisals on all personal possessions.